Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Brooke Berry Burns Nude

Again, I circled to the front, that I might see her as the others did. Her pale body, peeking through the gapping lace, was mesmerizing. The purplish-rose of her swollen nipples was almost shocking against the whiteness of her breasts, made even more so by the dark frame in which those breasts were now set. But the most arousing aspect of the spectacle was her eyes, blue orbs which flickered from face to face. The full awareness of the spectacle that she had become was upon her, and emotions uncounted, some without names, flashed through her helpless gaze.

She raises heavied eyelids, her aura dimmed still, feeling eyes boring holes in her back. Turning her head, she sees a movement in the dark, and red eyes glowing.

"Nice dick."

"Oh God does that feels good. Don't stop. Pinch a little harder. I like to know they are being played with" she said in between. I obliged and got more moans in response. She was bobbing up and down and taking me all the way down her throat. I thought I was going to come and tried to pull out. I wasn't surprised to see her spare hand playing fast and hard on her clit.

I had Barry and Ken both fucking my ass while Alex rode my fake tits on top of my chest like some carnival ride. I was screaming in pleasure with cum dripping from my ass and face.

Suddenly I hear Larry give out a low groan and I can feel his cum shooting up into me. The guy feeding me his cock pulls out of my mouth and he gives it a few jerks and he shoots his load into my open mouth. I catch it all except a few last shots that hit my chin.

He need not have worried. Charlie and Glen was sitting two seats away planning to set John up with what they jokingly called a little Vietnamese filly. "After he has, one of those hot little bodies sit on his face he will forget the past and concentrate on things in hand." Glen said as they laughed and sipped their scotch.

The blonde slid her hand away from her moist cunt, and I watched transfixed as the curvy pornstar dressed in nothing but a pair of thigh high leather boots walked slowly across the room, her fabulous tits jutting in front. She took hold of the restraining bar. 'Now this looks like fun. I've always wanted to have Veronica tied and helpless before me.'

"Oh my god, are you all right? I'm so sorry, I wasn't thinking, here let me check your wound." My words rushed together in one breath, but before I could lean behind you to see if I had reopened the wound on your head, you had taken hold of both of my arms, effectively seizing my attention.

"Gross," she mouthed to him before turning back and giving her soggy cereal all her attention. She hated the effect he seemed to have on her without him realising it, his playful caresses or casual touches that either made her belly clench or make her long to hit him.

He turned, letting his head drift downward, as he started for the stairs. His only hope was that he was safe going to work. Wishing he could be there with him, he new he couldn't be in two places at once. But he could have someone else watch over Greg for him, while he babysat the kid.

As she approached her mom she dropped her shirt. Dave was pleased that although her tits were smaller than Brendas she had very hard long nipples that looked like his moms.

As she continues her meal, Josh slides his hand out from underneath hers and begins to slowly trace his index finger on the outline of her hand. Ellie looks up slowly at her hand. She raises her head more and leans in for a kiss; a small peck. She finishes her glass of water and stands up. She takes his plate to the sink and begins to wash the plates. He comes up from behind, slowly dragging his finger tips along the small of her back, across her sides and reaches her stomach to rest his hands under her shirt, just above her jeans. Ellie leans back, hands still in the sink, and kisses his neck softly but wet.

“Okay, I just have to go and check the rest of the building while you finish off in here.”

“Comin over?” Jenna asked.


"I have to tell you," Chase warned in a husky voice, "Looking at my tits like that is going to cause an intense reaction."

I uncovered my breasts and pussy letting him see me. His eyes searched my body up and down and I never felt sexier than that moment.

"I Don't know, why?"

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